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Providing Specialist End-of-Life Care for Families in Berkshire

Attain peace of mind that you will spend your last days in your home surrounded by your loved ones with our respite care services. As part of our complete end-of-life service, we provide the support and assistance needed to allow you to make the most out of your last days. Furthermore, we provide respite care when you need a well-deserved break from caring for your loved one. Call us in , Berkshire, to learn more.

End-of-Life Care

Make the most of your time with your family and friends while our dedicated team focus on the general day-to-day necessities. The effects of being diagnosed with a terminal illness are devastating, and at Cure Healthcare Services Ltd, we aim to relieve some of this upset by providing respite care in a home environment. Respite care allows you or your loved one to remain in your home surrounded by all your happiest memories.

As part of our comprehensive end-of-life care services, we provide specialist support 24-hours a day. Accommodating all requests, we provide full-time carers who provide round-the-clock care as well as visiting carers who are on-hand to assist with general tasks.

One of our experienced carers supporting a client to give their family member a break.

From administrating medication to cooking meals and reminiscing about your life, our dedicated team are always there when you need someone to talk to or help with daily living tasks. Working continually to provide the support you need, we provide respite care whenever you need it.

The great advantage of respite care is that you can remain in the comfort of your own home in the days preceding your death. Your beloved friends and family can also be at your side during this time. Respite care also gives your family comfort as they know that you are in a place that you feel most content. Plus, it is usually easier for your friends and family to visit you at home as opposed to visiting you in a hospice or hospital. Furthermore, as one of our compassionate carers are always there to support you, you have peace of mind that any changes in your condition will be responded to quickly. In addition to this, our carers will also notify your family and friends about any changes in your condition so they can still carry on with their lives. Following the standards stipulated by the Care Quality Commission who regulate all health services, you can be confident that your carer possesses all the skills needed to deliver the highest level of care

A carer enjoying a walk outdoors with a client.

Respite Care

Although you always want to be there for your loved one, it is also important to remember that you need to make time for yourself as everyone deserves a break from care commitments. To allow you to spend time on yourself, we provide a range of respite services. These include stepping in when you are embarking on a two-week holiday, a short break, or when you unexpectedly become ill yourself and need cover quickly. Our trained and qualified professionals provide one-to-one care whenever you require it.

Taking a break from care commitments is important as being a full-time carer can be both physically and emotionally demanding. With our respite care, you have peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for by a dedicated team of professionals. Plus, after your break, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Respite care can either be provided through:

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  • Live-In Care – Where the Carer Lives in Your House, Offering Support and Company Day and Night

  • Visiting Care – If You Need Some Extra Support for a Just A Few Hours Each Day or Each Week

Your carer is there to make your life easier by attending to all the daily tasks that you would normally do. Whether you need them to permanently live in your home with your loved one or visit on a regular basis, we accommodate all requests.

On a typical day, our carers usually carry out the following tasks:

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  • Mobility Support, Helping Your Loved One Move Around the House

  • Administering Medication

  • Ongoing Companionship and Emotional Support

  • Cooking Meals and Fetching the Food Shopping

  • Housekeeping, Including Washing and Drying Clothes

  • Arranging Visits Out, For A Break or to See Family and Friends

  • Feeding and Caring for Pets If You Have Any

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