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Independent Living Services for People with Learning Disabilities throughout Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Achieve your ambitions with the help of our dedicated carers. At Cure Healthcare Ltd, our objective is to help as many people as possible with learning difficulties to live an independent life, and we aim to achieve this by providing tailored support packages. As part of our comprehensive independent living services, we help you with general life tasks such as how to effectively manage your money and pay utility bills. For further information about our learning disability services, please contact our team in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Learning Disabilities

Assisting people with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities, we provide invaluable support at home and in the community. Our team are fully aware that it is usually not the learning disability that hinders someone from pursuing new opportunities or living their life as independently as possible, but the numerous restrictions in the community that prevent them from living their life on their terms. Therefore, our passionate and dedicated carers create a support package that focuses on what you want to achieve. The package is based on your personality as well as your likes, dislikes and goals. Encouraging people to focus on what they can achieve as opposed to any obstacles that they may encounter is what drives us to try and make a difference in someone’s life.

One of our clients using a table device with the assistance of one of our carers.

Furthermore, our ability to find solutions to problems that may arise is what differentiates our services to what other healthcare companies offer. Another aim of ours is to support friends and relatives who care for people with learning disabilities to make sure they still have a quality of life.

As part of our comprehensive services for people with learning disabilities, we assist you to:

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  • Successfully Live at Home Independently

  • Skills Building to Manage Your Money

  • Travel Training to Gain Confidence and Independence

  • CV Preparation, Job Searches and Role Pay for Interviews

  • Learning to Stay Healthy and Exercising

  • Support with Medication and Health Appointments

  • Discovering New Hobbies, Getting Out and Having Fun!

  • Accessing Vocational Training and Work Experience

  • Managing Correspondence and Bills

  • Working Towards Independence with Personal Care Tasks

  • Building Social Skills Used to Develop Friendships

CONTACT us in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, today about our array of independent living services.