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Specialists in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, Providing the Highest Level of Dementia Care

Dementia can affect people in a range of ways, and as a result, all individuals require a different level of care. At Cure Healthcare Ltd, we have a dedicated team of specialist carers who have undergone full dementia training to ensure your loved one can live life to the fullest. For further information about our dementia care services, please contact our passionate and dependable team in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Dementia Care Services

Witnessing your family member or friend suffer from the effects of dementia can be devastating and as a family member, the challenges that coincide with this disease can also be difficult to deal with. Therefore, to help alleviate the stress and upset caused by dementia, we provide holistic, high quality, person-centred care and support for your loved one. Furthermore, as dementia is a complex disorder, it is important to understand how it affects a person psychologically, and therefore, we ensure our team have an in-depth knowledge of this.

At Cure Healthcare Services Ltd, our priority is to deliver the highest level of care possible and to achieve this, we create a unique support package that is designed for your loved one’s needs. As an enthusiastic and dedicated team who are committed to supporting people with various care needs, we provide assistance with tasks around the home to attending to personal care.

Maintaining high standards is of the utmost importance to our healthcare professionals, and to ensure our standards are adhered to at all times, we provide advanced and specialist training for all our team through implementing our Dementia Programme. Plus, for your peace of mind, all our team are mentored and supported by our professionals. Furthermore, all new staff members participate in our dementia training induction programme to ensure theyare prepared for all situations that they may encounter.

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As previously stated, dementia is a complex disorder that can have a different effect on all individuals and therefore, our carers have the skills and knowledge to support clients with a range of needs including challenging behaviour, depression, anxiety and confusion. Our objective is to ensure all clients with dementia can live a fulfilled life and to achieve this, we ensure we deliver an exceptional level of care. With our range of dementia services, you can expect the following:

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  • Specialist Dementia Team Who Receive Comprehensive Training

  • Assessments by a Qualified Individual

  • Reminiscence Therapy

  • Meaningful Activities

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

  • Dietary Support

  • Telecare Response Service

  • Creating a Community

CONTACT our trusted team in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, about our dementia care services.